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Doom Inspired 3D Model of Pinky


''Pinky is a large, pink, bulky, muscular boar-like beast with huge tusks that are used to bite and shred foes as well as during Glory Kills.


It has similar beady, glowing eyes and a gaping maw filled with sharp fangs. The Pinkies seem to have a thick layer of armour on them, covering their backs, legs, arms, and foreheads.


Their flesh is pink in colour, while the armour is a shade of reddish-pink with a knurled, almost chitinous appearance and ridged with tusk-like spines.''


Stands 7 inches (18cm) but is chunky wide too!


Please note these items are made to order and usually started on purchase, but if I have a back log of orders you will be notified of any delays as these are hand painted models.


Public Disclaimer: I am not in any way associated with the creators of the game or films owners copyright. I am only making models, selling them on to fund my small business progression & family.

Pinky - Doom Inspired - Collectible Desktop Model

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